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Shining Noctowl Triple Star Holo Unlimited Pokemon Card Neo Destiny 110/105


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  • This was the first (and only) set to feature Light Pokémon. Light Pokémon are similar to the Dark Pokémon introduced earlier in Team Rocket.
  • The name "Destiny" is used as the set title in reference to the Light and Dark Pokémon, in that a Pokémon's destiny is determined by how they are treated by their Trainer.
  • This set completes the transition of all the Unown to card form, with the exception of Unown R. Like Unown J, Unown R was a Promotional card in Japan, but was not translated by Wizards. An English Unown R did not appear until EX Unseen Forces.
  • Shining Pokémon once again featured in this set - 8 as opposed to 2 in Neo Revelation. Unlike their predecessors, these cards got a unique foil treatment; the backgrounds remained non-holographic while the Pokémon themselves were given a metallic look.
  • Each of the shining Pokémon released in this set is of a different type; the only one not represented is Water, which is represented by the two shining Pokémon released in the previous set.
  • Neo Destiny was also the last set that Wizards of the Coast made that featured the 1st Edition symbol, and the last English-language set to feature it overall. The use of the symbol was eliminated due to the fact that sometimes the 1st Edition run would be released after the unlimited run (thus defeating the purpose).
  • No Darkness-type Pokémon are released as Dark Pokémon. Pokémon that appear as dual-type Dark-type Pokémon in the games are given the TCG type corresponding to their other type as Dark Pokémon, with the examples of Dark Houndoom, a Fire-type, and Dark Tyranitar, which is Fighting-type, while single-type Dark Pokémon (at the time there was only Umbreon) do not feature as Dark Pokémon. This "rule" was later completely reversed in the EX series, where most Dark Pokémon are dual-types with their normal type.
  • Much like the Team Rocket expansion, only the Fire-type and Water-type starter Pokémon of the generation became Dark Pokémon. Unlike what was the case with Ivysaur and Venusaur, which later received Dark variants as promo cards, there has never been a Dark Bayleef or Dark Meganium.


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